Well hello 2012! So much has happened since I last posted so thought I should show what I have been up to. Obviously working in a tattoo studio keeps you buzzing (no pun intended) so its a great chance to draw draw draw and not get held back. Ive mainly been working on styles I would like to work with and practicing flash design, so here is what ive been up to..


Getting to grips

Getting to grips with my watercolour techniques and compositions. Still need alot of improving on colour selections, shading, tones, creating texture within materials etc. At least its practice and thats a good start.

Chest piece

Tattoo flash inspired watercolour needs improving quite alot more before I would be happy to pop this into a portfolio. On the plus side I think I'm starting to get the hang of my font styles.


Some flash inspired artwork I have been doing recently, starting with pencil I then decided to start working with watercolours but I am still not sure about the outcome. I think the way forward is to draw then scan then decide what the hell I want to do with it!


A few doodles I've been doing to keep my fingertips busy and to get ideas for progress drawings.

Love of lockets

This is a sketch I did to warm up, I really wasnt into it at the time although I loved coming up with ideas for lockets so I will continue further so thats another idea for a section in my portfolio. As for the girl and the lotus..I feel theres loads of room for improvement there!

Tattoo designs

This week I have been busy with tring to organise a tattoo portfolio, coming up with sections of styles and logo designs for future plans. This is one of the designs I have been playing around with, I've mainly been painting with watercolours lately so it was nice to switch back to good old pencil for a while.