Close up

Just a better look close up..


Sketch before bed last night. Not a big fan of drawing before bed as I get lazy with my shading. I'm not going all out with it,  I'm just going to it when I want to,  I enjoy it more. I really dont like the feathers on top of his head so thats going to change next. Will keep you posted.


This took less that 5 minutes to sketch, I like drawing so delicately as somehow you kind of get to see more about the image you are drawing. I get a feeling of movement from this but it really needs to go somewhere, I'm not sure if I want to carry on in shading it or adding colours. I think I may just add subtle hints of colour in certain areas.

Tattoo Design: Koi fish

I really love this piece, I think its more of the character I've created, not sure why but I can imagine this fish to be a real joyful little chap. I would quite like this as a tattoo design for myself but I don't think I would be able to pull it off, its quite a delicate design but Its still slightly too bold for me. I would like to do a coloured version next but not too sure of the shades I would choose.

Tattoo Design: Rose

Unfinished. This was quickly sketched on a lunch break when a girl I work with said she wanted a rose tattoo on her lower back near her hip. I started working on it again when I got home but it still needs attention. I was thinking of adding a butterfly and something else thats personal to her. I like the composition of the piece but I think the centre of the flower needs improving alot.

Tattoo design: Penguin

This started out as a quick sketch whilst watching a film, I hated it at first but the more I put into it the more I ended up quite liking it. Its turned out to be a tattoo design for someone I hold closer than anyone. It still needs improving but I quite like the little chap.

Tattoo design: rosary beads with cross

This is a tattoo design I did for my cousin, its a memorial piece so it meant quite a deal to her.
She sent me an email and I had it complete and sent to her 2 days after and she went and had it done that day. It was the first time I had ever drawn something that was going to remain on someone forever, its quite overwhelming and it gave me a real good feeling. She had the cross placed on her lower forearm leading down to the wrist.


At some point I was obsessed with drawing mushrooms, the kind you get in ladybird books with a little fairy sitting on top minding her own business. This was a quick sketch looking at suitable colours, I used watercolour pencils which I think are quite a quick cheat but no way as good as the real thing. I think  I will do a few more colour tests and then move onto something bigger including over sized mushrooms and dragonflies and small silhouettes walking through the ground.

Thee Alice?

A sketch I keep going back to but never seem to finish, I eventually will get round to reworking it but I'm just abit lost with where to go with this. I think I might go forward with the idea of her wanting to get back to her wonderland but hasnt quite grasped how to do it just yet.

Alice's Bow

This is a quick sketch I did during my lunch break sometime last year. As a huge Alice in Wonderland fan I'm always thinking of how her mind is so curious and fresh for adventure, I always wondered what she did next so this is my attempt of Alice after wonderland.