This week I haven't been doing much drawing, mainly jewellery making and waiting for things to arrive so I can keep my fingers busy making new things that people have requested. I have been spotting loads of photos of the late Elizabeth Taylor in magazines, looking closely at her she was such a beauty and I have been thinking of doing a tattoo design sketch of her in a typical 50's style (watch this space!) For now, here are some pretty bits and bobs I have been making this week!


Jewellery making!

This week I have turned to jewellery making for a abit of fun and I loved it! Check out all the pieces I have made in the 'Handmade Jewellery' page. 
If you would like to purchase any of these items please see my contacts page.

Tattoo Design

This is a memorial tattoo design I have just finished for someone, Im not too happy with the halo but the customer was very happy with the whole design. 


This is something I was working on for a tattoo design, I'm Still deciding if I would like to add colour..


This is an unfinished piece I did for fun, she was messy with marks so Laura showed me how to clean her up on Photoshop and add a watermark.. 

This is something I did quite a while ago but I really liked the idea so may think of something I can do with layers. This was easily done with tracing paper over the top of a Polaroid I had taken..

Here are a few handmade cards I have been working on recently, if you would like to see more check out the 'Handmade Cards' page..


I really wanted to add this polaroid that I took, I've added a few more in my Gallery. Theres quite alot I'm looking forward to this year but I feel that all I can do is wait. This photo really reflects how I'm feeling right now, the water shows different surroundings which cant be reached until the time is right.
I've always loved polaroids, the main respect I have for them is you only have one take at a half decent photograph, it really depend on sunlight and right timing. Theres nothing like a photo developing right in front of your eyes!