For Pearl

Watercolour and pencil. A gift for Pearl, the most lovely little Nan in the world; (even if she does threaten to rub my nose in gravy if I get any on the tablecloth at Christmas..) xxx


Coloured pencil. I recently managed to get my hands on some coloured leads for prepelling pecnils so thought I would give them a go to get the hang of lines and tones, This was my first attempt.

Coloured pencil. Second attempt at coloured pencils, quite an alternative feel to this drawing which I felt more comfortable with although its unfinished I quite like the feel of the paleness.

Coloured pencil. Third attempt. Having being stuck indoors lately, pencils and BBC Iplayer have become my new best friends. I recently watched 'The Crison Petal and The White' and I feel in love with a character who goes by the name of just 'Sugar', a truely inspiring woman played by Romola Garai.


A few weeks back I went to Dover with my boyfriend to see his folks, we went to see his Nan, Pearl, who lives near to the sea where there is a lovely little cafe on top of the cliffs. Before we went to this lovely cafe Pearl lovingly demanded me to take my sketchbook and I did a quick pencil sketch whilst having a cup of tea. I brought the sketch home and have been working on it since as a present to give to Pearl on her birthday in July. Heres how it looks so far..

Watercolour and pencil. 


Just showing what I've been up to lately..

Watercolour pencil and graphite pencil. Another take on Alice in Wonderland, I was at first going to paint over the pencil so it gave a washed out look but decided I would layer the colours day instead and this it the result.I would like to redo this in a painting, I'm curious to see how it would turn out.

Watercolour and pen. Going back to tattoo designs, I wanted to have a bit of a practice on my roses but with a nautical feel. Now I have scanned it in I like the light effect on colour but I would also like to go darker but brighter colours if that makes any sense..

Way too long!

OK..so its been way too long since I've actually posted anything and I've decided that a decent scanner is definately going on the birthday list this year! I'm finding it abit hard to get motivated at the moment as theres quite a fair bit on my 'sort it out' list but I think its time to make the most of it and just have fun.

I've mainly been experimenting lately and just playing around to see wat I like and dislike, heres what I have been up to..

Pencil. just a quick sketch that I wasnt really putting much effort into which I feel is evident. I stuck to one shade of pencil to see what I could make out of it, I'd quite like to redo this in watercolour soon.

Pencil and Pen. This was a quick design for a henna tattoo. My boyfriend managed to get his hands on a funky little henna kit so I did some research into the traditional methods and designs, alot of the traditional designs were quite 'full on' for a first attempt so I just drew this and had a bash at it, I loved it but next time I willbe trying out the traditional floral designs.

Pencil. Really quick sketch of a tattoo design, I did attempt to improve the drawing but it came out too dark for my liking so I will be trying this design out it watercolour with some pen and ink also.

Watercolour and pen and ink. Was thinking about taking a trip to Mexico in the future which inspired me to look into sugar skulls, usually packed with bright vibrant colours I kept to the tradition, I hated this at first but it has grown on me and I love how free and limitless the designs can be.

Watercolour and pencil. This was done a while back, just an experiment with paint and shading..its rubbish. Quite like the schrol though.

Pencil. This drawing doesnt really show much effort in it, I was half drawing half watching tv and it shows. I would like to do quite a weird surreal piece in watercolour and ink including this somewhere in the painting.